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Willow Moon Farm

From our farm to your home

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Shop our herbal skincare line and our other farm produced items

Slow Farm-made Herbal Skincare

Our products are handcrafted with the purest and freshest ingredients in mind. We grow our own herbs to use in our offerings on our Certified Naturally Grown farm. We work with whole plant matter, infusing the medicinal herbs into organic oils and butters for 8+ weeks. We then take these infusions and create our herbal creams, lotions, toners, salves, goats milk soaps and much moreWe hand-milk our goats to create the richest soaps, packed with nutrients for your skin. We believe, these details are what separate us from the rest.

The Farm

With a passion for farming and transparency, we offer Pasture Raised Non-GMO Kunekune Pork, Chicken, Eggs and Plant Starts straight from our farm. All of our meat is raised without the use of antibotics nor hormones. They are fed a locally produced Non-GMO feed. Through regenerative and humane practices, we raise our livestock with the utmost care from start to finish.

How it's raised matters.


We offer quality breeding stock from our herd of Kunekune pigs and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats. Send us an email to chat about your goals and to get on our waitlist.

You can shop our eggs and flowers at our self- serve farm stand. Want to shop our products in person? Please send us an email to make an appointment. You can also choose farm pick up for any skincare + meat products purchased to pick up from the stand. 


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