Sara is the mother, wife, maker, homesteader, beekeeper, herbalist and dreamer behind Willow Moon Farm.


Her passion for an organic lifestyle runs deep into her roots, as this was how Sara was raised. Organic foods have always been important in her life but when she found out she was pregnant with her son back in 2016 she took a healthy lifestyle very seriously. Sara not only improved her eating habits and started working out but also turned to natural products. She was tired of reading "natural" product ingredient lists and not knowing what most of the ingredients were, they didn't seem so natural in her mind. Sara started creating organic body scrubs later in 2016 and the dream blossomed from there.

After Sara & Brian's son was born they started searching for land. It was their goal to be self sustainable and wanted their child to have land to grow up on. While on the hunt for a new home, they were able to purchase Sara's childhood home (that never even hit the market). It was a clear sign that it was all meant to be! That was when Willow Moon Farm was brought to life in May of 2018.

Willow Moon Farm is a Certified Naturally Grown farm. We are located in Gore, Virginia. We are the FIRST and ONLY farm in Frederick County, VA to be Certified Naturally Grown! Here at Willow Moon Farm we believe in sustainable agriculture. What does that mean? We believe in Organic practices but our standards are even higher than that- we hand pick bugs off of our plants and hand pick our weeds, we grow with Organic Non-GMO seeds and we never use pesticides (not even non-synthetic ones). 

All handmade products are made from start to finish at the farm. Nothing comes pre-mixed, everything is made from scratch. Sara believes she should make the whole product and personally know each ingredient that is used in her offerings. 90% of the oils, butters and waxes that are used are Certified Organic and fair trade. The plant allies that are used are either grown on the farm (Certified Naturally Grown), ethically wild crafted or purchased Certified Organic as a last resort. Everything is done with our hands from start to finish, truly giving handmade a new feel.

We also offer CNG plants, eggs, preserves & dried herbs. Pasture raised Chicken and KuneKune pork will be available in 2022. Contact us directly through email if you would like to schedule a time for you to purchase some.


The farm is forever growing so check back for updates on their social media accounts & the blog where you can view the latest news and DIY recipes!

Thank you for taking the time to get to know what we do here. We appreciate your support more than you know. When you support our small business, you are supporting our dream! 

Thank you!

-Willow Moon Family