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Willow Moon Skincare

Slow Farm-Made Herbal Skincare.


True Herbalism practices are used in our skincare products. We work with whole plant matter, infusing our Certified Naturally Grown medicinal herbs into oils and butters for a minimum of 8 weeks. When working with whole plant matter, we can create a much more well-rounded infusion, that contains all of the plant's healing properties making the end product more effective. Some thing essential oils are simply unable to provide.

With your skin being your largest organ it is important to take care of it! This means using products that are made with quality ingredients. We have the highest standards for our products. We produce as many ingredients as we can. Simply because of the quality. We use fresh herbs from our gardens, raw goat's milk from our herd of goat's and pastured lard from our pigs. The farm is Certified Naturally Grown and we raise our livestock holistically. It is the freshness of our ingredients that separates us from the rest. Having freshly cured herbs for our oil infusions is what makes our products so effective. We never use powdered goat's milk in our soaps only raw. Ingredients that we outsource are certified organic oils, butters and waxes.. Rest assured 100% non-toxic.


We hand-milk our Nigerian Dwarf goats for their exceptional quality of milk to use in our soaps. Goat's milk is packed with nutrients for your skin. It is especially beneficial for those with sensitive skin and skin conditions. But it is also wonderful for anyone wanting healthy soft skin. Goat's milk contains vitamin A, B1, B6, B12, C, D, E, minerals, antioxidants, fatty acids, amino acids and enzymes. The PH level in goat's milk is the closest to human skin and is why our skin recognizes it, and allows the nutrients to absorb so easily.

How Willow Moon began

Founder, Sara, started creating skincare products back in 2016. When she was pregnant with her first son and wanted natural and safe products to use on their growing family. She couldn't find products that met her standards, as the majority of store bought products are green washed, so she started making them herself. Later sharing them with the community and when they were such a hit began slowly building a brand. She fell in love with herbalism and gardening and just knew she wanted a profession that involved working with herbs and flowers.

About the farm

Since my husband, Brian, has become a part of the operation, the farm has blossomed into much more than just skincare. I grew up farming, as I am a 5th generational farmer, as where Brian did not. I had always yearned for a farm of my own and a slower way of life. Our homesteading journey truly began in 2018 when we purchased my childhood home. The original goal was to be more self-sustainable and to know how our food was being grown/raised. That goal quickly turned into a farming operation when we realized others wanted this same transparency.

There was a need for organically raised meat, eggs and plant starts in our community. We wanted to be that option. I have always said, "if you don't have your health, then what do you have?". This statement is what geared me to build Willow Moon Farm into what it is today. We currently sell all of our meat to our community (which we are so grateful for the support). As we grow our operation we will be offering shipping for our premium meats, so people all across the country can experience the difference. 


Our number one priority is the health and safety of our livestock. Our livestock is raised on pasture and fed a locally produced Non-GMO feed. All of our animals are treated with the utmost care following humane practices. We keep our meats free from antibiotics and hormones, for our family's health and yours as well.

We offer quality breeding stock from our herd of Kunekune pigs and Nigerian Dwarf goats. Send us a message for more information.

When you support our small farm, you are supporting ethical farming and a small family business, thank you!



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Learn more about the animals we raise and why we raise them.

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