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Our Livestock

We take pride in the way we raise our livestock. They are all raised out with the utmost care and respect. Our animals are fed a Non-GMO feed from Homestead Harvest. They are rotationally grazed on pasture and through our woods. We have stress free operations in place to provide them with the most humane life possible.


When you support our farm, you'll know you are supporting ethical farming and a small family farm with pure intentions.

Kunekune Pigs

We raise a heritage breed of pigs called, Kunekune. We fell in love with the breed because of their docile temperament, grazing capabilities and most importantly, because of their high quality meat. Kunekune pork is the best pork that we have ever tasted. Their meat is red and marbled, similar to steak. However, I would choose our pork chops over a steak any day. It's the melt in your mouth type of meat, never tough.

Kunekunes have been know to be a dual-purpose breed, they make excellent pets but also great meat pigs (with the right genetics) for homesteads and small farms. While the Kunekune breed grazes they get more nutrients straight from the Earth and do not root like your standard pig does. Kunekunes are typically harvested between 1 - 1.5 years old, depending on genetics. We feed our Kunekunes hay in the winter, pasture in the growing season, our organic veggie scraps and Non-GMO feed.

With that said, we are strictly geared towards pork production and offering superior breeding stock from our herd to other like minded farms/homesteads. We have been worked diligently on our genetics to have a "200in12" herd. Meaning our pigs are reaching/surpassing 200 pounds in 12 months. We currently have a barrow 150 pounds at just 6 months old and just added a boar to our breeding stock that was 275 pounds at 12 months. These are amazing growth rates in the Kunekune world. We have improved our growth rates and the quality of our meat through genetics and ultrasounds of our breeding stock.

Interested in learning more? Send us an email to discuss your goals and to be added to our waitlist. We mentor our customers for life. We are here to help you along the way and to see your program succeed.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for their milk to be used in our skincare products and for personal consumption. Bonus, they are smaller than your average breed so less escaping to worry about and easier for our children to handle. Nigerian Dwarfs have the highest amount of butterfat in their milk. This makes the flavor superior to other goat breeds.


Our goats are ADGA registered. Our goals for our herd are high milk production and bigger teats for hand milking. The majority of our herd has their milk stars and our bucks have their *B. We offer high quality breeding stock from our herd and pet wethers as well.

We also offer goat yoga Spring-Fall, check our events tab for upcoming classes and our Facebook page.

If you are interested in purchasing a goat from us, send an email to so we can discuss your goals and any questions/concerns that you may have.

Meat Chickens

We raise meat chickens Spring-Fall. They are raised out on pasture and are moved multiple times a day. They have plenty of room to be chickens, peck the ground and graze. We raise them from start to finish on our farm.

Farm Fresh Eggs

We offer a variety of large - extra large chicken eggs. We have all different breeds of chickens to produce a variety of colors. Our chicken eggs are apart of the Certified Naturally Grown program, meaning they are fed Organic Non-GMO feed and are free range happy healthy chickens!

Great Pyreness
Livestock Guardian Dogs

We raise working Great Pyrenees for Livestock Guardian Dogs to protect our farm from predators. We have coyotes, foxes, raccoons, eagles and hawks that are predators to our stock. This allows us to co-exist with predators.

Yeti, our male, had proven himself to be an excellent LGD. He was over 100 pounds and such a love bug to his people. We exposed him to our customers since he was a puppy and in return, he was amazing with customers who were accompanied with us. He took to my children since the beginning. He was everything we could have wished for with a guardian. We tragically lost him due to a misdiagnosis from the emergency vet in our town. We miss him every single the day and the farm is not the same without him. We had full intentions of breeding AKC working Great Pyreneess. We haven't been able to bring ourselves to get another male at this time. Our future of breeding these amazing dogs is honestly in "limbo" right now.

Luna is our female and was in training with Yeti. She picked up a lot of his traits and learned through him which we are so grateful for. She is currently our only guardian.
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