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Our Pigs



We chose the KuneKune heritage breed because of their docile tempereant, grazing capabilities and for their RED meat! KuneKunes are a duel purpose breed they make excellent pets but also great meat pigs for homesteads and small farms. While the KuneKune breed grazes they get more nutrients straight from the Earth and do not root like your standard pig. KuneKunes are fully grown at about 2 years old. They are typically butchered between 1 - 1.5 years old.  We feed our KuneKunes hay in the winter, pastures in the growing season, our organic veggie scraps and a high quality locally produced non-GMO feed. We will have their red marble meat for sale in our shop for sale this Summer.

Send us an email for more information about our waitlist for piglets and meat!



Wilbur is the first boar to our herd. He will be bred to our gilt, Babe in the Winter of 2022 to produce a litter in Spring of 2023. Wilbur is double wattled and a Whakanui/Sally. He has great confirmation along with an excellent growth rate so far.

Pictured here he is about 6 months old.



This is our gilt, Babe! She is unwattled but she has 14 teats and a beautiful big head with a short snout. She has great formation and is pretty solid.

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