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Kunekunes are a heritage breed. We chose this breed because of their docile tempereant, grazing capabilities (pasture pigs), their minimal rooting and for their excellent quality of meat. Their meat is red and marbled like a steak. Kunekunes are a duel purpose breed, they make excellent pets but also great meat pigs for homesteads and small farms. While the Kunekune breed grazes they get more nutrients straight from the Earth and do not root like your standard pig does. Kunekunes are typically harvested between 1 - 1.5 years old (depending on the genetics).  We feed our Kunekunes hay in the winter, pastures in the growing season, our organic veggie scraps and Non-GMO feed produced from a local family farm - Homestead Harvest. We mainly register with IKHR (International Kunekune Hog Registry) so any of our off-spring can be dual registered with AKKPS if needed.


Our program is geared towards pork production. We are working towards a 200in12 herd. Meaning our goal is to raise pigs that have the genetics to surpass 200 pounds in 12 months when fed the proper requirements. This will save us time and money. The majority of our herd already has these genetics. We will have "pet" size pigs on occasion (runts, etc.) so if that is what you are seeking reach out as well! We sell meat from our farm. If you'd like to try it, send us a message to schedule a time for you to come by and check out what we have available.

When you purchase livestock from us you get our mentorship for life. You can reach out anytime with questions/concerns. We are here to help you and see you succeed with your program.

Send us an email to talk about any concerns you may have and/or get on our waitlist for registered breeding stock or meat piglets.

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