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Our Livestock Guardian Dog

Meet Yeti


Yeti has proven himself to be an amazing guardian for our farm. He is over 100 pounds and such a love bug to his people. We have exposed him to our customers since he was a puppy and in return he is amazing with people who are accompanied with us. He has took to my children since the start. Although, I will admit he doesn't always understand how big he really is and will knock them over in excitement when playing. He is everything we could have wished for with a guardian.



He is almost 2 and we have waited this long to determine if we will breed him or not. We have 20+ acres of woods and needed another LGD to take some of the load off Yeti. With that said we have a deposit on a girlfriend for Yeti. We plan to have AKC Great Pyrenees puppies in 2023. Send us a message to get on the waitlist.

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