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For Winter Solstice my son and I celebrated by making a pot of winter aroma and making a homemade wreath and mistletoe for our home. I wanted to do something fun with my son but also something to bring some holiday cheer to the home. Winter Solstice means something different to each individual but for me personally it means REST. With Christmas just days away I know I am coming to the period where I can finally rest (well kinda). I have a few months to prepare for spring gardening and to think about what goals I want to make for the year of 2021 both personal and business related. I am also planning to sell plants in the spring for the first time so while this is a "break" it really isn't. I will be ordering seeds in the beginning of January and starting plant babies for my local customers! I plan to focus on culinary and medicinal herbs but also want to offer some vegetables to my customers as well. These plants will be Certified Naturally Grow just like all of our herbs are!

Here is the recipes for the things we made!

Pot of Winter-

We foraged for branches of pine to add to our concoction and then we added somethings we had on hand like orange peel, a cinnamon stick, cranberries and cloves! I'm sure you could think of other things you have on hand or could forage to bring some winter aroma to your home! We added these things and then added water filling the pot up and letting it slowly simmer throughout the day.

Homemade Wreath-

For our wreath we saved the extra limbs from our Fraser Fir Christmas tree and I added some holly and berries along with some other greenery I found. :)


The mistletoe was made with the scraps from the wreath and floral wire to hold it all together. I added a string to hang it in my hallway with a piece of tape, it was that easy!

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