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Mane Tamer - Detangling + Anti-Frizz Hair Spray


This is one of my favorite and most used product that I create!


Infused with marshmallow root that is full of mucilage, which not only detangles your hair but protects it as well. Marshmallow root also has proteins and vitamins that are super beneficial for hair.


Combined with organic aloe vera, argan oil and botanical extracts you can expect your hair to thank you for switching to a CLEAN all natural hair care product that gently detangles but also nourishes your hair at the same time.


I have several mamas who use this on their little ones rat nests with great results. I personally use Mane Tamer after washing my hair and only need 2-4 sprays for my hair to be gently detangled. It also helps with frizziness.

Detangling Hair Spray

Expected to ship April 15th 2024
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