This year we have cranberry woods, pumpkin caramel, apple harvest, hazelnut coffee country fire and pumpkin chai for our seasonal Fall scents! Pumpkin caramel is a sweet pumpkin smell! Where pumpkin chai is more of a pumpkin spice but with a hint of sweetness to it. Hazelnut coffee smells just like it sounds and apple harvest smells of apple and spice which is a personal favorite of mine all year long! Country fire smells just like sitting beside a fire in the country (hence the name). You can go wrong with our Fall scents they all smell wonderful!



Our natural candles are made with soy wax, cotton wicks, premium fragrances oils and natural essential oils. Meaning m our candles FREE FROM lead and zinc, phthalates, paraffin wax, dyes and additives. The 8 ounce jelly jars are reusable glass and are made in the USA. After burning the candle completely through simply take rubbing alcohol to remove any left over wax to reuse the jar. They also come with a rustic lid for that homemade country feel :)


Products cannot be left in your mailbox in the summer heat. Products that will probably melt would be salves, lotions, creams, soy candles, etc. If this happens Willow Moon Farm is not responsible and will not reimburse you for your order. You can have your post office hold your package until you are ready to pick it up or send me a message to get your tracking number so you know when your package is coming. Thanks for understanding!


My creations are made by me, from scratch and in small batches. Each order is truly personal and made with love and intention. I only use the best ingredients- they are either certified organic & fair trade, wildcrafted by me or all natural. Wholesale prices are available for retail and bulk orders, message me for more information. When you purchase something from me your supporting my small business but also supporting my dream! THANK YOU!