Botanical Face Cream - Garden Goddess

Botanical Face Cream - Garden Goddess




Garden Goddess gets it name from being infused with the plant allies I grew here in my garden. I also added in some of my extracts I made last summer with the plant allies I wildcrafted.


ROSE- tightens the skin, reduces redness and skin irritations, prevents premature aging, adds moisture, great for those with oily skin.


CALENDULA- prevents acne, soothes skin conditions, great for those with sensitive skin.


LAVENDER- contains antioxidants- detoxes the skin and reduces inflammation, reduces blemishes.


COMFREY- contains allantoin & anti inflammatory properties- helps new skin cells to grow and to heal skin irritations, moisturizing.


STINGING NETTLE EXTRACT- a natural astringent, tightens skin, anti-aging benefits, treats acne and skin conditions.


YARROW EXTRACT- promotes skin circulation, reduces acne, soothes irritated skin.


Ingredients: Homegrown Certified Naturally Grown herbs- calendula, comfrey, rose & lavender, aloe vera, organic oils + butters, botanical extracts, plant derived emulsifiers, natural preservative blend.


*Due to copy-cats I do not disclose full ingredients list on my listings. Feel free to send us a message if you have an allergy.*


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