Magnesium Oil Spray • All Natural

Magnesium Oil Spray • All Natural

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I’m sure you’ve heard of taking magnesium but have you heard of spraying it on yourself? This is the safest and fastest way to absorb magnesium oil! The benefits are endless and just about everybody can benefit from magnesium. 


So what does magnesium help with? To list a few things...

-Headaches & migraines
-Hair loss
-Sore and achey muscle
- Restful nights sleep
-PMS symptoms (cramping, mood swings, bloating)
- Anxiety & stress
- Insomnia
- Restful leg syndrome
- Helps your muscles relax 
- Balances blood sugar


So how does it work? Just simply spray on the designated area that is bothering you or if your trying to absorb it quicker spray after bathing on your stomach. You can spray 6-10 times on the area depending on how much pain you are in.

I’ve sprayed it just once on a sore muscle from working out the day before and that was enough! 


Comes unscented but feel free to add your own essential oils if you'd like. 


Ingredients: Magnesium chloride, aloe vera, distilled water


Comes in a 4 ounce reusable glass bottle!


Please note that packaging color may change depending on what my supplier has in stock


** Heat sensitive products cannot be left in the summer heat. Products that will melt would be- salves, lotions, creams, soy candles, body butters, lip balms. If your product melts Willow Moon Farm is not responsible and will not reimburse you for your order. It is important for you to track your order so you know when it is arriving and can keep it from sitting in your mailbox. **


~ All creations are made by me, Sara, the owner of Willow Moon Farm. I handcraft my offerings from scratch and in small batches. Each order is truly personal and made with love + intention. Wholesale prices are available for retail and bulk orders, message me for details.

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~ The plant allies used in my offering are Certified Naturally Grown here on our farm, ethically wildcrafted by myself or as a last resort sourced from a certified organic company in the US.

~ I infuse my offerings for 6-8 weeks in a cool dark space for maximum healing capabilities. 

~ I use 90% organic oils, butters and waxes in my offerings.

~ The majority of my packaging is glass. Using glass gives you the option to reuse the container for something else and is less plastic into the world. I also use metal tins and cardboard lip balm containers. All packaging is BPA free.

~ For my body lotions, face creams and body butters I either use an all natural preservative or a FDA approved paraben free preservative. Check the ingredient list of each individual listing to see which preservative is used for that offering