Sacred Mama Postpartum Healing

Sacred Mama Postpartum Healing


Sacred Mama is a creation offered to soon to be mamas who are looking for some herbal allies to rely on for healing. After having a baby it’s so important to take care of you too! We get so caught up with tending to our new baby’s needs that we forget about our own.


Sacred Mama healing spray is a soothing spray for mamas after giving birth to spray on the perennial area. Made with an infusion of our Certified Naturally Grown herbs + aloe vera and witch hazel.


Directions: use as needed to promote healing, reduce swelling & bleeding. Keep in fridge for more cooling relief.


Comes in a reusable 4 oz glass bottle with sprayer top.


Sacred Mama postpartum herbal bath soak -

Contains Certified Naturally Grown herbs that we have chosen for deep healing + epsom salt.


For an extra soothing bath- add bath soak to boiling water and let steep for 10-15 minutes then pour into bath water.