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*Farm pick up only - Not available for shipping*


Preorder your pasture raised whole chicken! Limited quantity available for pick up mid-May of 2024.


Our chickens are raised on pasture fed a Non-GMO feed. They live their best life under our care and are free to be chickens out on grass like nature intended. All of our meat is free from antibiotics, hormones and vaccines.


Chickens are only available for farm pick up at this time. At check out you can pick this option instead of shipping. 


Chickens are around 4-6 pounds. You will be charged for a 5lb bird and we will refund you the difference or send you the invoice for the remainder, if more is owed. If you would prefer a certain size, please let us know.


We purchase our Non-GMO feed from a local family farm, Homestead Harvest/Ernst Grain.

Pre-order Whole Chicken

5 Pounds
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