Our Goats

Nigerian dwarf

We went with the Nigerian Dwarf breed because of their smaller size (less escaping to worry about) and being a dairy goat. We plan to breed them to sell kids in the Spring and also to milk them to use in our skincare products, make dairy products and for piglets that may need supplemented. Send us an email to get on our waitlist for Spring kidding season.



Sage and Clover are our OG girls! They were our first goats and are sisters. We bottled fed them for several months and absolutely loved it. We have a plan breeding for them to be bred with Snow Moon this Fall (2022) for Spring kids. 


Clover is our smallest goat. She has a stocky but short build. Pictured here she is about 6-7 months old. Clover is the bossy sister and the hog head, constantly pushing her sister around to attempt to get more food than her. Clover and Sage are our friendliest goats and were raised up with us outside of their paddock. They are more like dogs then goats but I suppose thats what you get when you spoil them! Clover will be bred with Snow Moon this Fall to produce Spring kids in 2023.



Moon Spots - Blue Eyes

Moon Flower is my most flashy gal! She is covered in moon spots and has beautiful blue eyes. She is a good size goat, stocky build and is expected to produce flashy kids in the Spring of 2022. Send us an email to be on the notification list for when she kids.


Blue Moon

Blue Eyes - Moon Spotted - Polled

Blue Moon is on the right of this picture. As you can tell her and Moon Flower are very identical in color! Blue Moon is a beautiful goat and is on the taller end of the spectrum which you can see with her beside Moon Flower here. With her flashy qualities we expect amazing babies out of her. She was bred with Cedar and is due this Spring 2022, send us an email to be on the notification list for when she kids.



Snow Moon is our main buck that we plan to breed with the majority of our herd due to his genetics. He is polled, covered in moon spots and also has blue eyes. He is very stout in size. This is an outdated picture of him from when he was only a few months old.


Cedar is an absolute sweet heart! He has blue eyes and beautiful markings. He was paired with Blue Moon and they are expecting kids Spring of 2022.