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Get first dibs on your tubers by ordering them this Fall! One tuber will produce a whole clump of tubers so each year you can multiply your stock.


To store your tubers simply put them in a cardboard box or a plastic tote (poke holes in it so they can breath and fill with either peat moss or vermiculute. Tubers need to stay between 35-50 degrees. So store them in basement or a garage that you can keep above freezing. They also like 80-90% humidity. Garages and basements are naturally humid. I store mine in the garage and have purchased a humidifer to use, if needed.


Plant them in the Spring after all chances of frost is gone. Dig them up in the Fall and store them again for the Winter.


This is a pre-sale. I will be shipping orders out in the middle of November as I am still digging tubers thorought the next couple of weeks. If you are local and would like to pick your order up from the farm, you can choose farm pick up at check out to avoid shipping fees. 


Shipping will be refunded if needed. You can expect your order to cost $10-$20 in shipping depending on the weight and how much supplies is needed to properly package your tubers.

Karma tuber

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