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The benefits of Raw Goat's Milk

The main ingredient in our Herbal Soap is Goat's Milk and for good reason!

Goats milk is amazing for your skin for so many reasons, let's list a few!

Goat's milk reduces inflammation, brightens skin, has anti-aging benefits,  deeply moisturizes and also soothe damaged skin. Goats milk is a great option for all skin types but especially those with skin conditions, damaged skin and sensitive skin. 

Goats milk almost has the same PH level to our skin. That is why it is such a gentle ingredient to use for those with sensitive skin.


Goat’s milk contains lactic acid, which is an alpha hydroxy acid, that gently cleanses our skin by removing the dead skin cells and leaves you with smooth skin. 

Goat's milk contains Vitamin A which promotes the production of healthy new skin cells, which can help prevent acne.

Why our goat's milk is superb?

These benefits we list come from raw goat’s milk, unlike powdered goats milk, that you’ll find in the majority of goat’s milk products that are on the market. 

We have our very own well loved herd that is humanely raised to create our goat’s milk soaps. Our herd spends their days out on nutrient rich pasture in the sunshine with plenty of food and water all while regenerating our soil. Our quality is our top priority here at Willow Moon. That is why we raise and grow as many ingredients as we possibly can.

Thank you, goats!

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